Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Halloween Alliance

When the battle lines over Halloween were drawn, Zach and Joe knew where their allegiance lie. Was there ever any question? Huckleberry and Spidercross knew that if Joplin was right about freedom, than together they had nothing left to lose.

The forking miles littered with bumpy early back-to-school Labor Day sales and  forbidden Thanksgiving-time Christmas oasis' led them here. They knew these cosmetic sirens were nothing more than mirage, roadside burlesques meant to entice the foolish and weak minded into accepting the madness. And the madness of fools is all they saw.

"No no my friend", the obstinate one thought, "we will wait...in this crusade only the penitent man will pass."

And the sigh from his strange bedfellow seemed to say, "I rather rule in David's hell than serve anywhere unnoticed."

So gather round...lay witness...
To these holiday Constantine's chests
 full of bitter and minds ready in retort. 

The last hope to us and the sanctity of the most holiest of days. Protecting us from those who wish to plan ahead, and armed with the only thing left to guard these brave soldiers in there journey: their cavernous cliff-deep Thelma and Louise friendship and a lit fuse Billy Joel attitude, ready to car wreck the maybes of tomorrow...

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